Saturday, March 9, 2013


I love to decorate for Christmas, especially with a wintery, cozy kind of theme.  So after Christmas I take my tree down (usually well into January I must confess) and all the Santa or nativity decor, but I leave my snowmen and wintertime decor.  This year I even left the twinkle lights and garland on the mantle and hung hearts on the stocking hooks.  I feel like this makes this "I am so tired of cold and snow" month a little more fun and festive.  Now you will just have to take my word that this helps me during the dreary days since I of course did not think to take a years blog I promise.

Everyone finished up their basketball seasons except Rece.  He was asked to play a 2nd season of 2nd grade basketball....and why not, it's not like we are busy or anything (can you say CRAZY!!)

Jeter's team played in a post-season tournament and had a great time.  Way to go LIGHTZ OUT!! Thanks for a great season.  


We took advantage of the 4 day weekend in late February to catch up on our Mommy-Son and Daddy-Daughter dates.  It is always such a great time to spend some one on one time...and they tend to talk your ear off when they are not fighting for your full attention.  And on a personal note, it makes me feel like super mom because I do not feel the least bit flustered, they behave perfectly and are so other words no need to play "ZONE DEFENSE"  

Alex and Alli were more on top of it than the boys and me and remembered to take a few pics.  They went to  hobby lobby and bought some craft supplies then went to taco del mar to eat and create.  All on the fly mind you...not to shabby.  Alex may need to create his own HGTV show..."Daddy Dates"

And we closed out the month celebrating Dr Seuss....Thing one , Thing two, and cozy reading/PJ day boy 

So as we close out February I can not put the snowmen away fast enough and pull out the easter and spring YES SUN PLEASE!!!

Back to the daily grind...

The Schuerman family always finds it difficult to get back into the daily routine of school in January.  We love Christmas break so much and pack it full of fun times and it is hard to get back to school.  I think we also miss the time we get to spend together in December and just plain miss each other.  This January we spent most of our time at basketball games (big 3 kids playing and Alex coaching both Alli and at the highschool) or indoor soccer games.  We also had a full schedule of other practices as softball and baseball were getting underway (indoors of course). 

Alli made a model of Riverfront park for a school project.  She worked really hard and had a great time using her creative side.

...and what would a zone defense blog be without a few "dress-up" pics.  This month it is patient Jeter, Dr. Rece and Nurse Quincy.  If you notice the patient is only a willing participant because he is in a semi-comatose "I have no idea what is going on around me--I am watching TV" state.  Please tell me other families experience this illness too :)

See you in February!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top 10 as we closed out 2012

Much like you all, the Schuerman home is all a buzz in December....AND I LOVE IT!!  It is by far my favorite time of year.  It is filled with both old traditions and new adventures.  Both of which hold a very special place in my heart and make for great memories.  So here is the "TOP 10" of our holiday season (in no particular order)  ENJOY :)

1.  Quincy's Christmas party at Preschool.  Mom had to work, but Dad made a special appearance.  Thank you MSHS for giving up your math teacher for a few precious minutes for him to make his little girls day :)

2.  Alli once again tried out for her school play, which was The Pied Piper.  This year she had some speaking parts and again had a blast.  

3.  Alex whisked me away on a 15th anniversary surprise night away.   He is so amazingly great at surprising me ...and finding time to fit it into our busy December schedule.  He even packed for me...a little lighter of a packer than I would be though.  Look at all the toiletries he packed for me...ummm yep that was it :)  It is the thought that counts.

4.  All 4 kids were in our annual Christmas play.  Jeter had a ton of lines and blew us all away.  We knew Alli was great at stuff like this from her experience in the school plays...but we had no idea Jeter was such a natural.  Rece was the cutest Joseph ever (married to his best friend Alex "aka Mary) and Quincy "the cow" was darling too.

5.  Alli also had her first choir concert.  I was super surprised at how talented 5th and 6th grader could be...some kids even did solos.  One of the best parts was that Uncle Nick and Aunt Cara and Conner could be here with us from Michigan to see the concert.

6.  Annual baking day with the Mitchell family.  We are always sure not to miss this :)

7.  Celebrating Christmas with family.  Much of our family was going to be out of town for Christmas day so we got to have A LOT of Christmas celebrations.  

8.  SAN DIEGO!!  We had such a wonderful time, we visited LEGO LAND and SEA WORLD, went to the beach, ate at the famous 101 Cafe, and just plain had fun!!  Thanks to my mom and Keith, Meghan and Kendall for spending such a great vacation with us :)

9.  Golfing in December....Keith and Alex were so excited to get to play at the famous and beautiful Torrey Pines golf course in San Diego.  I am pretty sure this is the only time Keith has gotten up at 4:30 am..but you do what you gotta do :)

10.  Breakfast with Santa

OOPS...make that the "top 11"
11.  Christmas Eve tradition...."Twas the night before Christmas" in bed

Oh and we do have one pic that did not quite make it in the "top 10"...yep he is in a cougar shirt...all school no less.  Yep won't agree to that Apple Cup bet EVER AGAIN

Hope you all had a great Christmas season and are looking forward to a wonderful 2013 :)  I have also attached our Christmas letter as it also is a great recap to our 2012...crazy at times, but oh so worth it.  We love you all.  See you in January

Let's tee it up! That's right, even while the snow falls in December here in Spokane, my brother-in-law, Keith, and I will be playing golf at scenic Torrey Pines before the month ends. The game of golf is an amazing yet humbling game. That kind of sums up the 2012 year in the Schuerman home. Many people, after a fabulous round of golf, will make the claim, “it was the round of their life.” Before I tee it up in California, I'd like to tell you about the “round of OUR life”.
As I paint the picture of some our better “shots” from the round, it is important that every golfer understand the clubs used to make these memories.
My six-iron – her name is Alli. A very consistent club for me; she is steady and always comes through when needed. She rarely strays from the fairway and her accuracy is impeccable. Whether it be in school, sports, drama, choir, Awana, Math is Cool, or at our church, Alli is a club you can always count on. She loves to participate in everything....essentially there isn't a shot she can't hit. This 6-iron could be used anywhere on the course. Her shot of the year was finishing 2nd in back to back soccer tournaments this fall. A sport she loves. Her dedication is unmatched, passion unquestioned, and love for life undeniable. Alli brings great joy to all around her, especially this golfer. She is becoming an amazing young lady and it is great to have such a reliable club in the bag!
My driver – his name is Jeter. You know what they say.....Let the Big Dog Eat......and trust me, Jeter definitely loves to eat. A classic “show” club that can explode for that jaw-dropping moment of sheer exhilaration, but also has some of those erratic moments where the ball ends up three fairways over. The joy of this club is that you can't live without it. Jeter has the fire of competition in his belly (me to blame) that compels him to do his best in all things. He continues to be a sports junkie, math whiz, and dedicated servant to friends and family. Jeter consistently “wows” people with his long drives of compassion, performance, and care. Jeter's shot of the year was his 9U All-Star baseball team winning the state tournament and qualifying for a regional trip to California. It truly was a majestic drive. We love this big club!
My sand-wedge – his name is Rece. This is the only club in the bag that is creative enough to be used from the sand, in the fairway, around the green, and even left handed when needed. That sums up Rece perfectly as he is so creative and diverse. His interested span from sports to sewing. He has become a self-taught gymnast/stuntman! Included in his tricks are the “open-faced, flop shot” – and he had the stitches to prove it. I love Rece's desire to create things whether it be with legos, arts & crafts, or in aerial-death-defying tricks. He loves to play outside, do math problems, sleep, play jokes, and laugh. Rece's shot of the year had to be his 1st lost tooth – in the dugout while bat-boying for dad. Every golfer needs a creative club like Rece in their bag.
My hybrid – her name is Quincy. The newest addition to the bag is now 4 years old. A classic club that can be used off the box or from the fairway. Quincy truly fits the club's name, a hybrid in every sense of the word – a cross between rough and tumble leader of the pack and a mother's dream of a girly girl. She loves to wear dresses as much as she loves to wrestle....thankfully not at the same time. Quincy experienced her first year in school as a spunky preschooler and loved every minute of it. Her shot of the year was learning to write her name. Advancing quickly though, she is so smart that she is now using her fingers as quotation marks to emphasize points she is trying to make. I love her playful attitude and joyful approach to life. She loves to joke and laugh and tease!!! This club has been a magnificent addition and continues to impress.
My putter – you know.....putt for dough!!! The most important club in the bag – her name is Kelli. Every golfer knows that the putter does the most work on the course. The Schuerman family would not score well on the course of life without our reliable mother and wife. She “reads” situations so well, plans the next shot diligently, and executes her plan seemingly without a hitch. There were know “gimme's” in the 2012 round, but Kelli certainly made her mark on the course. Kelli continues to impress with her ability to “save par” in her two jobs at the Schuerman homestead and Advantage Physical Therapy. Kelli's shot of the year was her trip to Boston to work on certification in Pregnancy-Post Partum Physical Therapy. She passed four tests following this trip and has nearly completed the process of becoming the only P.T. in Spokane with these credentials. She is amazing and every year would be sub “par” without her!
I continue to “hack” away on the course we call life. The usual suspects: church, baseball, fantasy sports, and coaching/attending/driving to kid's sporting events occupy my time. My shot of the year was celebrating my 15th year wedding anniversary with the aforementioned putter, and my 20 year anniversary of our 1st date. She is still as amazing as when I was a googly-eyed senior in high school gathering the gumption to call her and ask her out. Now that turned out to be a great shot!
What a round the Schuerman's had in 2012. Sure it wasn't without some hazards and penalty strokes but the good far outweighed the bad. That is what keeps a golfer coming back – those shots that inspire you to continue and to be better. In fact, our clubs wouldn't make any par-saving shots if it weren't for the one who carries them. Our caddy is named Jesus Christ. He is with us every step of the way. He advises our every move after carefully planning and assessing the situation. Every year we set aside a special day to celebrate his birth. May we never forget the joy that only Christ can bring. He makes every day of our lives better than average – a “birdie”, if you know what I mean. Thanks be to God for giving us Jesus. The Schuermans would like to thank the gallery watching/participating in our “round of our life.” We appreciate and love each of you!