Saturday, March 9, 2013


I love to decorate for Christmas, especially with a wintery, cozy kind of theme.  So after Christmas I take my tree down (usually well into January I must confess) and all the Santa or nativity decor, but I leave my snowmen and wintertime decor.  This year I even left the twinkle lights and garland on the mantle and hung hearts on the stocking hooks.  I feel like this makes this "I am so tired of cold and snow" month a little more fun and festive.  Now you will just have to take my word that this helps me during the dreary days since I of course did not think to take a years blog I promise.

Everyone finished up their basketball seasons except Rece.  He was asked to play a 2nd season of 2nd grade basketball....and why not, it's not like we are busy or anything (can you say CRAZY!!)

Jeter's team played in a post-season tournament and had a great time.  Way to go LIGHTZ OUT!! Thanks for a great season.  


We took advantage of the 4 day weekend in late February to catch up on our Mommy-Son and Daddy-Daughter dates.  It is always such a great time to spend some one on one time...and they tend to talk your ear off when they are not fighting for your full attention.  And on a personal note, it makes me feel like super mom because I do not feel the least bit flustered, they behave perfectly and are so other words no need to play "ZONE DEFENSE"  

Alex and Alli were more on top of it than the boys and me and remembered to take a few pics.  They went to  hobby lobby and bought some craft supplies then went to taco del mar to eat and create.  All on the fly mind you...not to shabby.  Alex may need to create his own HGTV show..."Daddy Dates"

And we closed out the month celebrating Dr Seuss....Thing one , Thing two, and cozy reading/PJ day boy 

So as we close out February I can not put the snowmen away fast enough and pull out the easter and spring YES SUN PLEASE!!!

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